I Wish My Business Were More Like Hers

Right now The Paramedic and I are living separately. No, sorry ladies, we haven't broken up. You see The Paramedic is still in school and our little temporary living situation crapped out so we had to come up with a new plan. The Paramedic lives in a whole different state than The Papaya and I. Let me tell you, THIS STINKS. I'm a single parent Monday through Thursday. It's temporary and for a good cause, but it is the first time we've slept apart, ever. So we have five more weeks until things change. I love our temporary home, because it belongs to our gracious friends who are letting us crash here until our next place is ready. I just really miss The Paramedic. I guess this is just the universes way of training me for 72 hour shift when The Paramedic graduates. Good news is The Paramedic came home for the weekend and right now that is all that matters. It's about living this moment, right now.

Recently I feel like I have finally found my groove. Yes I said finally. Even after years of trying to run a business, I just never seemed to get into that comfortable spot. I would run around saying things like "Oh I wish I could be more like her" or "Why isn't my business as amazing as his". Then it hit me, you can't run a successful business on low self-esteem. It just doesn't work.

One thing that seems to happen when you work from home is you tend to forget you need to take care of yourself. I've had several days where I am balancing a 3 year old on my hip while trying to accomplish something big. I found myself being too harsh when it came to decisions I made for my family. I would think "Oh a REAL business person wouldn't run their business this way". That is just crazy talk! Who says you have to run a business like everyone else? You can't make a difference, without being different. I always expected that running a business would be hard, but I realize now, I was the one making it hard.

You see I forgot to take care of one of the most important people in my life, myself. I've put a few very large goals into my plan and now I feel at ease. I've revoked my brains permission to say phrases like I mentioned above. It's just not cool. Not taking care of yourself means you can't take care of anyone else. Lack of sleep gives you a warped perception and induces low self-esteem.

I also realized that not only did I want to help people shorten their workday and take care of themselves, I also wanted to help people really LIVE a vivid life. No more boring "I'll help you explore your passions and make the money you deserve" type thinking. It's about taking a giant, and I mean GIANT leap off the edge of a steep canyon. Where are you and where do you want to be?

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