I Sucked as an Employee

Escape Yes, it's true. Let me explain. Recently I listened to a podcast ( lots o colorful words ) where the gorgeous Amanda Farough said she sucked as an employee.  Thankfully I've gotten some new headphones that help me hear awesome podcasts like this.

As soon as Amanda said that she sucked as an employee, I realized, yes, me too and that is why I went into business for myself.

The truth is, I THOUGHT I was a great employee at the time. I'm sure most of my bosses thought I was great, but maybe some of them didn't and I'm ok with that. You see I never really gave it my all. Just like school, I was bored. I had lots of days where I gave it 1000%, but it was mostly half assery. So technically, if my half assery made me look like I was giving 1000% then who was I to keep doing things half assed? Wouldn't that be an injustice to myself?

Yes, it would be.

Why was I doing things half assed? The reason is walking through other peoples passions leads you to ungreatness. Yeah I made that word up...I always heard people say "I'm giving this job my all" and "I'm amazing because I rock this job!". I'm here to tell you those things are wrong. If you are rocking your job, you need a new, shinier one. You need to go big, and do that ONE thing that will make you feel explosive. If being a mediocre office troll feels good to you, great. But I want you to reach before settling and be sure you grab the exact straw that you want. I did some amazing things in corporate America, the problem was I did them with passion that fizzled out far too quickly. That is how I knew I wasn't in the right place.

It's OK to love your clients, and swim in their passions so you can get shit done. It's not OK to consume yourself with everyone and everything, except the things that make you feel explosive. You must give yourself as much, wait no, MORE than you give others. Acknowledge what you need to feel amazing. You totally deserve it. Even if the world tells you differently.

When I was an employee, everyone always commented about how much of a hard worker I was. I was working hard...only I was working hard to get the hell up outta there.