I Never Remember to Censor Myself

Yes it's true. These days I can hardly remember to censor myself. We are taught in school to think inside the box, except when competing with others. We are taught to win win win and if not, you are a lose lose loser.

If you can stomach that, great, if you can't, then welcome to my world.

I've sort of always had this rebellious streak. I've been colorful in describing how I feel. I've left situations abruptly and done all this without compromising my ethics.

When it comes to dealing with family, I don't really censor myself (anymore). I used to walk on eggshells and make little pies with bows for everyone. Now I realize that confidence and trusting my intuition goes a bit farther than pie, so censorship isn't needed.

When it comes to work, there can't be any censorship. When it's your business to work within other peoples businesses, you have to know when to speak up. I'll say that when I was a Virtual Assistant, it never felt right to me, just being the peon. I censored how I felt and told everyone the job was great but I really wasn't being truthful. Working from home was great, but working from home while being treated poorly sucked. When I decided to support businesses in a larger capacity, that made me feel amazing.

You see, censoring normally means you are doing something wrong or something just doesn't fit.

So tell me, what are you doing right now that you feel you need to censor? What can I do to help you let it go....