{Tutorial} How To Turn Comments Off on WordPress Pages

Have you ever created a page on your WordPress website and realized you don't want to allow comments. By default WordPress allows comments on all pages, so if this isn't something you want you'll need to learn how to turn it off. Personally I can't think of any reason why you would want people to comment on a page. Posts, yes, but pages, why? Still can't see any valid reason for those... Tutorial: How to turn comments off  on WordPress Pages.

Time it takes to implement: 2 minutes. Yes really.

Degree of difficulty: ZERO, it's that easy.

Ok so this one isn't going to use tons of visuals because it's super duper easy. If you want to turn comments off on a new page you created on your WordPress website follow these instructions:

  1. First up, from your WordPress Dashboard, go to all pages.
  2. Second, find the page you want to remove the comments option from and tick it using the tick box on the left. If you want to do it for all, use the little select all tick box.
  3. Next, while the page is ticked, select Edit from the drop down box and then hit apply. This is called doing a bulk edit.
  4. Next, go to the section that says comments and select do not allow. Hit update and you are done!


Remove Comments from WordPress Pages


Now you won't have any more random weirdos commenting on your services/about/kitty lolz page.

Want to remove comments from ALL pages in the future. That takes a little more work, so more on that soon! Hope this helped and please leave me a comment below if you have any questions or need help.