{Tutorial} How to remove sidebar widgets from certain pages in WordPress

Degree of Difficulty: EASY as pie

Today I found the absolute easiest plugin in the world to use! I had been looking for a quick and easy way to remove the sidebar on my theme, by the page,  and finally found a plugin works.

In  a week or two I'll be rebranding my site to align better with me and my personality. This is such an exuberant feeling! So rather than coding in some page templates with the sidebars gone, I googled what I needed and found this plugin. It's called Display Widget and it was just what I was looking for. It allows you to remove the sidebar widgets by pages or posts.

To use you it you simply go into your widget area, click on the widget and scroll down. There will be an area where you can check/uncheck ( depending how you have it setup ) and the widget will no longer show on your page.

This is fabulous because I've been attempting to get my portfolio online for weeks now and I needed full width page, which my current template did not have.  So if you've been trying to figure out how to remove your sidebar widgets, by the page, look no further!

 I also have some kick butt news...

I will be hosting a weekly blog post where people can post their website questions and URL's in the comments and I will offer feedback and assistance in the form of a critique. New services will be popping up soon too!

Excited and more on this soon!