How to Reduce the Size of Any PDF

I had a HUGE PDF file I needed to shrink for a client and everything I tried to shrink wasn't working! Of course I ran to google and typed in: How to Reduce size of PDF. Sometimes I get swallowed up in technical issues ( and I DO NOT pass that rabbit hole roller coaster ride on to my clients, unless it's something they've asked for ) and find about 1001001 answers on how to fix something. After about the 5th try I will stop and try to figure out if it's worth pursing.

Well today's easy answer was to simply print this 4 page extremely high resolution ( lots of photos ) PDF to the ADOBE PDF printer ( instead of your HP, Epson Etc Printer ) and just save it. This cut the resolution from 33MB to about 3MB and you could still see the photos just fine.

I had tried optimizing the pdf, saving as a reduced resolution PDF and tons of other tricks. Each time the PDF would only have about 1MB shaved off the size.

This is a great end to my day. It's been one of those weeks.