How to Overcome Your Fears About Starting a Business

Photo Cred: Davide Restivo  

Finally a blog post where I get to talk about Britney Spears, C-Sections and Business.  Trust me it all relates to fear. Are you trying to overcome your fears about starting a business? Lucky for you I'm serving up some more than practical advice to get over your paralyzing fear.

Decide that you CAN do this. 

No, seriously, If you don't believe in YOU who will? You mom, yes. Your Auntie Hilda, probably. But what about YOU? Like everything in life, belief makes things happen. If you don't at least invest the minimum energy you need in order to believe you can accomplish something, you won't. Start off with a little belief and watch it grow grow grow. Even if you aren't sure that you can do it, just believe it and you will get farther than most. I know people who can't sing a lick who have had successful bands just because they were able to let their charisma, character and confidence rock the mic.

Acknowledge that failure is a highly possible and probable option. 

I know I know, everyone says "Failure is NOT an option" so I won't feed  you that nonsense. Just know that everyone in business makes mistakes. From big biz to small biz, shit happens. Failing isn't a direct reflection of you, it's a reflection of the lessons you need to learn. (click to tweet). Also believe me when I say that everyone has a different definition of failure. Your standards are probably way too high anyway.  You know that relative/friend/coworker who is always a jerk face to you for believing in your little 'pipe dreams'? Well that person doesn't matter . Don't let anyone else's definition of success make or break you. It's up to you to decide where you land in the game of life.

Do it for YOURSELF. 

Everyone, and I mean everyone MUST do whatever they plan to be/sell/giveaway at least once. Want to write a successful non-fiction book? Make sure whatever you write about is from direct experience. Want to sell a million dollar sales program, well make a million bucks and inject what you learned into a process. This. works. every. time. If you don't DIY, at least once, you won't learn and you won't be able to translate it to a human, who may or may not have tons of cash in their pocket. Yes, hiring in help is usually necessary but remember that your experience is what makes you the go to person for (insert your idea here). So that experience matters.

Acknowledge that it's meaningful to you and imagine the end result. 

Once you know how to do something, it's then your honorary duty as a human being to pass along that knowledge. So smartly package that baby up and put it out there for the world to see. I'll tell you, it's scary/hard/heart bending to do this but you know what, so is pretty much anything in this world that is worth a damn.

Real world example:

I once had a baby via (forced) c-section, no big deal right? Well the very inexperienced doctor started my surgery late so she operated with only about 10 minutes of anesthesia left in my body.  Normal c-sections at my hospital are around 20 minutes on average. My c-section lasted over 2.5 hours so you do the math. Before I went into shock I decided right then and there, while lying on that table, with Britney Spears Toxic playing excruciatingly loud on the operating room radio, that if I lived through this experience I would never ever ever be scared again. Not being scared gives meaningful things permission to come to life. (click to tweet) Believe me that moment was rough, but the thought of what I was going to experience if I survived is what got me through it all. Imagine the end result, it's what got me through.

After writing this I realize this advice can pretty much be used for ANYTHING you are afraid of. Have something to add or just want to tell me what you've been afraid of? Message me below and I promise to respond.

PS. And for the record no one should EVER be forced to listen to that song while attempting to give birth.