How to Organize and Motivate Your Bloggin' Self

I really wanted the title of this to be "How to Organize and Motivate Ya Bloggin' Azz" but I digress. So you wanna be a blogger eh?

I have two things that I want to share in order to help you be more organized and motivated when it comes to blogging. Are you ready? Grab a pen and paper because they are super hard. Nah just kiddin, they are actually super simple and quick.

Photo Cred: Felipe Ferreira

First things first, everyone has a preference and lots o'people have advice when it comes to blogging. You'll hear a wide range of advice, but for me, it's all about making things easy. When just starting out my advice is this:

  1. Make a list of 5-7 topics and stick with them, for now. Why 5-7? Well newbies, because everyone else says 10, so I say go less cuz I'm a rebel. No really, keep it simple silly (sexy?). If your blog topics are constantly swaying from China to Arkansas, it's easy for readers to lose interest. Also when just starting out, it sucks to try and come up with posts. If you keep the topics on point with your blog, this will help jumpstart traffic as well. I am guilty of swaying all over Grover and it is super hard not to do when your blog is more of a lifestyle blog. Just remember it's ok to list YOURSELF as a blog topic, just be sure you don't start blogging about obscure 1980's Love Boat Episodes out of the blue because you are trying to fill space. If you find yourself needing to fill space, revisit your list and knock some of those suckers off an replace em'. You don't need to download some hip new blog topic calendar generator to save the world. These things can lead to overwhelm, you just need a simple list. What should go on this list? Well are you a book reader? Make one post about something profound you read that week. Do you read other blogs? Have a list of 5 blogs handy so you can easily write about one of their topics. Is your blog about coaching rabbits? Then write a post about it!
  2. Post frequency, what's the deal yo? You'll hear people say you have to blog 5 times a week in order to build traffic while others claim to have built their blogs on just one post every few weeks or months. So what's the magic number? Well, the magic number is how much time you want to spend actually blogging? Wait, that isn't a valid math equation. It's all personal preference. However, I do recommend making yourself a nice little shedule ( yes I said shedule that is how I say it ) and stick to it. Just don't kick yourself in the arse if you miss a few posts, but make sure you put some effort towards actually you know, building the blog, if you really want to.

See, here's the deal. In order to be motivated to blog you need structure. Most people get themselves into a tizzy trying to figure out all the little fine details of blogging. The secret to blogging, is blogging. You need a list to grab inspiration from and you need a little shedule ( yes I know ) to help you look forward to this completely expressive time. Blogging can be hard, especially for people who don't talk a lot in their day to day lives ( like me ). Even though I know I have a ton to say, I often get blog-fright and stare at the screen for hours. Not cool, and not productive. If you keep it simple and keep it (loosely) structured you are more likely to get er' done.

So, bloggy mcbloggerson, let's set some goals!

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