How to get started as a Freelance Writer?

I get asked this question all the time! I have a few resources to help you learn how to get started as a writer. First, a few points.

1. What type of writing work are you looking for? Articles, Blogs, Ghostwriting, Technical Writing etc. You need to have this figured out so you can streamline where you look for work.

2. Are you interested in online bidding websites? If so you need to learn how to tell the junk postings ( where you make 1 cent per 100 words if you are lucky ) from the lucrative ones. If you can avoid job bidding websites all together, even better. If not, then remember that writing 40 articles for $100 may not seem like a lot of work when you are desperate for money. Please do not take jobs like these. I've been researching and developing techniques for finding jobs on these sites and will publish my findings soon.

3. Do you have a writing niche? Is your experience purely technical? Do you want to keep it that way? I started off tech writing and that lead me to writing in various niches. If you want to branch out, submit guest post articles in other niches to get published.

4. You need an online portfolio, even a general free website like WIX or a WordPress blog. YOU NEED SOMETHING in addition to some PDF'd articles you can email for samples.

5. Don't send a prospect a resume unless they ask for it, even then try to offer up your portfolio instead. Unless you are looking for a "job", that may require a resume.

6. NEVER, EVER STEAL other people's words or photos. PERIOD. Look for inspiration, don't be a thief!

7. GUEST POSTS are your friend. Scour the web, guest post as much as you can. You won't always get paid but you will get published!

8. Always EDIT. I write like a sailor on this blog, I do not do that in my professional work. I do have pretty crappy language skills outside of work, so just know you don't have to be an English scholar to be a freelance writer.

One of my FAVORITE all time blog articles about how to get your side hustle on in the writing industry can be found here on Passive Panda. Pay close attention because it has two links on the bottom that I've used to find tons of work.

This is hands down one of the simplest ways to start making money as a writer. My favorite part is the advice on exactly how to pitch yourself via email.

Passive Panda - Side Hustle Writer, You can do it!

And my biggest piece of advice, PRACTICE. Write whenever you can, build up your portfolio and don't be afraid to write something spur of the moment as a sample to send to a prospect. I've heard a few people say, oh darn I really want this gig but I don't have experience. Research a little and write about the topic, you may be better than you think. I'm all about giving it your best shot, it's really the only way to secure work these days.