How to get more Likes on your Facebook Business page for FREE!

In this video I explain a great tactic that you can use to get more FREE likes on your Facebook Business Page. 

I've got two ways that always work for my pages and the pages I manage:

#1 Go back to old posts and invite people.

#2 Create content that is opinionated or super hot in terms of value. Go back and capture the interaction with an invite to like the page.

This works on both boosted/ads with lots of engagement as well as regular posts that have just a little engagement. 

If you need help with #2 above, here's a little something extra:

1. Go into Google Trends and look for news that is related to your industry that is trending. Be sure to scroll down and view as many topics as possible. Write a blog or make a video about this trend but be sure to offer a strong opinion on whether you agree/disagree with it. Also make sure it includes your solution for that particular thing, and/or how you would like to see people approach it. Oh and share it on your Facebook business page too course. One thing to note, there are tons of stories regarding celebs. The point isn't to write about the celebrity that is trending, it's about using a topic that is trending to bring awareness or helpful content to people. Be sure to use the explore topics field to search for things closely related to your industry too.

2. Go into Google and type a question related to your business and the Goole auto fill feature will tell you what people are already asking. Click here to see it in action. 

If you try any of these tactics I'd love it if you let me know how it goes!