How to Find Your Freelancing Feast Instead of Famine

Have I ever mentioned that being a freelancer is no joke? Seriously. It seems like everyday one of my online friends is shutting down their business to go back to the "real world". It always make me feel a bit sad and I try to figure out what they could have done differently in order to make things work. The same thing has happened to me a few times. I've been on the ramen noodle diet, the we can't afford cable diet and even the holy crap we may have to sell everything we own diet. It's all leads me back to the same place. Where did I go wrong?

There are millions of online guru's who tell you that you can be making copious amounts of money if you just do x, y and z. Some trade dollars for hours and some build lifestyle businesses. With all these flashy people out there, how do we know what to listen to for advice. The truth is we don't so you just need to find a person who you relate to most, and connect.

I've also recently been involved with a lot of "Freelancing/Owning your own business is either Feast or Famine" conversations. I know this is true from experience. So how do you find your Freelancing  Feast instead of Famine? fork detail

The reality is, it's not that easy to find. It's all, and I mean ALL about finding your niche. Don't worry that you will be excluding thousands of people who may not want what you have to offer. Would you rather sell 10,000 things at a buck or a few things for just a few grand? If you are not salesy, it may seem hard to sell at all. This is where you get some good marketing advice, find where your ideal clients live and narrow your service down to attract just these people. If you are anything like me, you may not really know who your ideal client is. Especially if you are someone who have never even had a client before.

Think about it like this. Who in this world comes to you for help? Who needs your help the most? And who would benefit most from your expertise? If your answer is "every small business", good luck trying to get every small business to purchase services or products from you. Drill down a bit more....but wait, I'm not fond of saying "Picture what your ideal client looks like etc" because I feel like that just prejudges people. I mean really, if I picture a curly haired cute woman with glasses, how does that help me? I am more of a Psychographics girl myself, but to each their own.

You are a unique snowflake, regardless of what Fight Club says. Now how are you going to give that talent to the world, on a silver platter at $250 bucks a plate or in a wrapper for $1.99?