How To Combine Two Columns in Excel

Have you ever pulled a list of names from an autoresponder or crm and needed to combine the first and last names? This has happened to me a million times and I just remembered a SUPER easy formula to do just this! Don't worry it won't combine both names, it will actually include a space so it's easy to read. For me I was pulling the names to use as a sign up sheet that was built in Word. By doing this I was able to copy the single column from Excel into Word with no issues!

So let's say you have your first name in column A and last name in column B and want BOTH names in column C.

Try this formula, A2&" "&B2 ( note there is a space between the quotes, this is the space that will show between first and last name ) in column C. Then copy it all the way down the entire column as needed.

Wheweee I love it.