How to be Authentic in Social Media

jdhancock dani magestro

Do you find yourself being bombarded by every little 'new thing' in starting/running a small business? I will be the first to admit, I have felt this way many MANY times. That is until I found a few online business mentors that I loved and felt I could connect to. I love gaining new insight and learning what worked for them. However, I learned really quickly that what works for others does not always work for me.

Behind every new thing is someone who is a champion of the said new thing. You will rarely find a person who stands on the corner and hands out little pamphlets that tell you to stay away from this new thing. People tell you to hoot, tweet, +1, Facebook, vlog, blog and send out e-newsletters because it helps you be authentic. In reality it's all marketing and there really isn't a lot of chatter about how doing all of this can actually make you less authentic. Now I am not saying you shouldn't do all of the things I mentioned, but what I am saying is that if you are going to do all of them - you need to do them well.

I have a little secret for you. Want to know how to be authentic in social media?

It's by actually being authentic.

There are so many ways to work on your social media strategy that it's starting to become a little convoluted. It went from you need to post at least once a day to you need to juggle every way to communicate with little regard as to what information you are spreading. I've seen people hire Virtual Assistants for $2 an hour and have them lead their social media. I've also seen them hire big Social Media Guru's and I could spot the unauthentic stuff a mile away.There are tools such as Facebook ladders ( I've tested this, more on this in another post ) and using buffer to tweet that seem easy enough to use. The question is, do these tools make a difference and help you be more authentic?

So what do you do if you need help? Well you know I am a big proponent of saving time so you can shorten your workday (Have you read my logo up top yet? lol). Of course you need help, I get it. The key is getting the right help and making sure the help you get is an extension of you and your business, you know your brand. It's rare that a person can hire someone to run their entire business, and actually it's not something I agree with. I've seen people say "Hire a VA to run your business"...and I always insert "in the ground" in my head when I read that. Not because hiring someone is a bad idea, it's not. But hiring someone to run your entire business is lazy and even more than that, it takes away from your authenticity.

Handing over everything will never work in terms of being authentic. Unless you have written several 100 page manuals explaining how your brain works  AND you hire someone who is able to absorb it to a T - just like a little sponge, then you are not going to be authentic. Now doesn't that seem a little impossible, hiring a doppleganger? So why not come up with ways to be MORE authentic than less. In business you will always need someones help. It's about getting the right people to help you and positioning your business so that it never loses its authenticity that will make you successful.

There are millions and millions of businesses out there trying to do almost exactly what you are doing. Why not position yourself a little better by providing them with your unique experience and services. Instead of trying to blend in to the masses and follow the patterns of others. Test things out, find the methods that work best for your audience and bring your authenticity to light.