How The Internet Is Contributing To The Numbness of Living

Something I'm noticing in the online revolution. People rely on the internet to live their lives. They check the weather, the news, retail shop pricing, other peoples schedules and the list goes on and on. Now I agree, a small number of these things are necessary for life, but what did we do before the internet? We used parts of our brains that helped us develop life skills. We covered our body with a makeshift trash bag rain coat ( what I did it! ) if it rained. We had fun going to a few stores trying to find the best deal. We actually let life be life and lived.

The time we spend on the internet ( ahem, staring at the woman in the mirror on this one ) has replaced LIFE.

Look for a better way to get out of bed instead of checking the internet to see how your life should go....

But I have to be prepared!

What if it snows?!?!

What if I miss something?

Don't worry, you'll replace all of that stuff with actual REAL, luscious living.