How Spring Can Help Shorten Your Workday

It's totally true, Spring is like magic when it comes to shortening your workday. Spring brings back all those renewed feelings of warm weather for us 4 season folks. The day spring shows up we all get excited and post Instagram photos of the tiny flower blooming in our front yards. Who the heck doesn't want to lounge in our skivvies and enjoy a nice glass of water with lemon ( that is my PC way of saying wine ).

So how can spring help shorten your workday? It's a good time delcutter your work(space) and your mind.

Well answer this. What 3 areas of your life are in need of decluttering?




And no the lines aren't there for you to print. I am way to overly conscience of paper use for that. I want you to look at each of those lines and write down an area of your life that just makes you nuts because of clutter. Everyone has at least three areas and be SUPER specific.

For example: Every time I go into the medicine cabinet I get all bat crazy because I see 10 bottles of expired muscle rub cream ( haha, I know I know ).

That is super detailed.

The first step is to identify the clutter in your life.

Please share your answers below and let's see if we can help each other out. The next blog will be the second step to helping you shorten your day this spring!