How I Travel the Globe Daily

Today has been a busy day! I'm finishing up a website revamp for my client Heidi. This takes a ton of creativity. I love love love love revamping Wordpress sites. If you aren't familiar with and you want to work in this industry, you should do a little research and learn! It's has to be the hottest tool around for building websites these days.

We also finishing up converting a ton of PDF's for our lovely UK client. Yep, I have clients across the globe even though I am in the US. The furthest place I've ever had a client was Taiwan and Sydney. Sometimes you have to be careful about time zones and accepting business all over the globe. If you are NOT good at juggling different time zones, it is not a good idea to do global support.

Something else to think about is whether or not you want to do any time sensitive work. Most of my clients are super awesome ( I pick them that way hehe ) and we set a set turnaround for their projects. For any asap 24 hours projects, I require an additional fee. This helps me schedule and manage my work way better than on the fly. Don't get me wrong, I love on the fly, it gets your blood pumping. It's just when you are working through task

lists, scheduled is best.

I'm now getting the in the habit of planning out my calender every night before bed. This is something the awesome Tania Dakka mentioned in a post once and it really stuck with me. Normally I would rely on my project management system, TeamworkPM, to "tell" me what's due. By making a list the night before I can eat the frog first and sail through the rest of my day.

Today was also special because since I my state allows early voting, I was able to take a quick jog across the street to vote. So happy I didn't have to ask a boss's permission to do it or try to squeeze it in at my short lunch break.