Help I cant Find The Thesis SEO Details and Additional Style Section

Yep, it finally happened. Thesis outsmarted me. Today I was working on a custom landing page in Thesis for a client and for the life of me could not find the SEO Details and Additional Style section at the bottom of a page I created.

I googled furiously and saw a million in one fixes. None that would help me quickly of course. Do I do one of these long drawn out code changes or just try to think a little harder to remember the ole easy fix.

So I traipsed around for a few minutes when I remembered the good ole Screen Option button at the right of the page. I clicked it and low and behold, here were all the buttons/section I was missing!

So I checked off the sections I needed, saved/published the page and BAM, all good.

It's not everyday that I find myself outsmarted by WordPress. Touche' Wordpress, Touche'

So if you find yourself saying HELP! I can't find the SEO Details and Additional Style section in Thesis, read this post and think of me =)