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FreelancingI found an old freelancing article that is totally worth looking at. A few of my favorite points:

"Welcome to the Gig Life" - So true. I just can't even begin to explain how freelancing and the word gig are partners in crime. It's a true lifestyle change and it's very hard for some people to go from corporate to gig life mentality.

"No longer do we work at the same company for 25 years, waiting for the gold watch, expecting the benefits and security that come with full-time employment." - THIS. My father worked at the same company for over 30 years. In the end, they laid him off. I'm guessing partially because of his age and partially because they wanted to pay someone younger less money to do the same work. The company was bought out (if I remember correctly, I may be wrong) so fresh blood means new wounds. I hated seeing my father disappointed after giving this job his all for most of his life.

It's time people think of the internet as a possible employer, a business partner or even better, a means to make unlimited money. Click to Tweet this!


Want to read the full article? Click below. I'd love to know what you think of the overall tone and the points they make.