Empaths - Why They Should Steer Clear Of Facebook

Ever since I said Bye Bye to my personal Facebook ( I am still cutting the last few tiny ties ) I've felt a few different emotions related to the decision. One being that I'm sad I'm missing out on all of my friends lives and I realize how silly that really is. I'm not missing out, I'm giving myself an opportunity to travel and see my friends more. The online world has been to gracious to us. Connecting us to exes and long lost family. It's given some people the opportunity to meet their birth parents, and others to find connection that led them to extraordinary things. It has also given us the non-opportunity of becoming slackers in the hanging out with the people we love department. I'd probably tell you that the benefit of not using my personal Facebook page any longer has been more growth in my life. And by that I mean more inner growth that is. I'm an INFP, and with that I am also a huge empath. I'm now learning that being an empath and hanging around on Facebook reading other peoples posts was draining to me. It was making me feel too many overwhelming emotions and I began to hold on to these emotions as if they were mine.

This is an absolute trap for empaths, especially INFP ones. We love to save the world, so seeing a constant feed of peoples problems ( or lack of ) takes us over our emotional capacity. We wonder if they were able to get someone to help them fix their flat tire or reschedule that important doctor visit they missed because their symptoms sound like something serious. In life we don't normally carry the emotional baggage of so many people. It's not natural and it's not something you should ever try to do. I'd probably also tell you it has allowed me to more genuinely focus on my business page, and that is a bonus too of course.

So tell me, do you know your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? I am always so surprised by what I am able to learn when I revert back to reading about my type. Here's a good description of mine in case you are interested.