Why don't you ever follow through?

This is a guilty thought that runs through my brain often. I posted here a few weeks ago and said I'd do income reports monthly, and weekly updates at the very least. Did it happen? Nope.

My income from the blog has been minimal, and it's been mostly because of my lack of posting. You have to have content to have readers, and you have to have readers to make money. Now I'm lucky to still have my readers, so that's a cue to write more.

Why haven't I been posting? Well I have written several drafts and clicked save for later. That counts for something right?

The truth is, I've been happily consumed with paying work and this has changed my focus. In the past I spend most of my days filled with overwhelm, exhaustion, and dread. I was taking on the wrong work, and not focussing on my talents. I gave myself wholeheartedly, as I always do, but sometimes it just wasn't a good match.

So I've decided to let it go, and not in the annoying Frozen song kind of way, I mean for real. I've hired back in one of my bestie's to help me with internal work. I've shaken up my core offering and had a chat with my waiting list to see who was ready for big things. I've also opened back up my creative boutique, and good god it feels amazing. I'm mentoring brave new souls and it almost feels like I'm somehow giving birth to the next generation of big business.

The message in all of this? It's ok to evolve, and it's ok to morph. Both of those things breathe life into your business ( soul, self, whatever you want to come alive ).