Business doesn't have to be gory, but it does take guts!

Sometimes I can't believe I've managed to get such a cool business off the ground. While it's been pretty bumpy, it's also been 5 years of mad personal growth. Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me of why I do this. I mean, of course it's also because I get to work with some killer people, and make an infinite amounts of money. That's great stuff, but yesterday I locked my whole family out of the house, and let me tell you, it became pretty stressful. While it was happening I went into a panic thinking oh my god what is going to happen while I'm away from the computer ( and my phone was about to die). Then it happened. I realized that I had plenty of room to breathe and deal with it, which was nice.

Five years in and I can tell you that my business looks nothing like it did when I began. I'm stronger, it's stronger, and together we make nothing but pure rock and rock.

Over the summer, I toyed with several ideas of how I thought my business should continue to evolve. I replayed the times I went running from my desk in tears, over and over again in my head. I asked myself, how do I avoid this in the future? The funny thing is, the answer was always inside me. I just didn't have the guts to figure it out.

I've been both the driver, and the passenger in my business, but it's always been my car.  Anytime I pulled over to rest, it was well deserved, and even the times I felt like I was going to have a business breakdown, I knew I had to keep going.

Strip it all away and I have worked bloody hard to get here.

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So tell me, right now, right this second, how do you feel about your business?