Bon Voyage Facebook

I've recently decided (ahem, once again) to follow the Facebook exodus. As I was pondering penning keying this entry I immediately thought I should name it "Confessions of a Facebook Addict" and quickly realized, that title was already taken. So I started reading a few, one of which was actually a pretty good read. Am I a Facebook addict? I wouldn't quite go that far, but as someone who has been on the road to less ego in my life, I find my personal use of Facebook to be pretty darn useless.

I know that as human beings we have been lucky enough to be granted this amazing things called free will, but just like other addictions, Facebook is a hard habit to break. I do use Facebook to help manage my clients pages, so I can't completely exit just yet. It's just that I really just find myself seeing posts like these:

  • I just ate two hard boiled eggs. (Waste of Time)
  • If you aren't exactly like me in everything you do, you suck. (Narcissistic )
  • I just bought a brand new car that cost more than 5 years of your salary. (Bragger MCBraggerson)
  • Insert Meme with absolutely no factual basis created by a guy who lives in the basement of his moms house. (Manipulative Lies)

Do you see where I'm going with this? I love my friends on FB, it's great to keep in touch but I've decided I don't have the time or energy to keep up with scrolling through photos of LOL cats or photos of people cutting their toenails. Now why should I really care what people are posting? You see that is the problem, it makes MY ego rear it's ugly giant head and I don't like that one bit. Everything online is a critique, either I want something or I don't want it. I really need to find that balance between living and not labeling everything I see.

I also wonder,  am I social networking or have I become a social worker? I also find myself forwarding and posting things that are related to social injustice. I normally also post a few positive or inspirational things and that is always nice. I also find myself pounding my head on a desk whenever I see racism or any other ism. So, for now I bid you adieu, personal Facebook page.....I'll keep my business page and try learn not to take Facebook so serious.

Bon Voyage Facebook!