Being Real in Business: No more costumes, replicas, or paint.

Reaching your arms out and grabbing the universe by the lapels isn't as easy as it looks

Fact: Not everyone who starts a business will make it. 

You've heard these words...

The market is oversaturated. 

Everyone's a coach. 

So and so is doing that already. 

And sometimes, these things are said by well-meaning people who are just not able to see past the surface, and sometimes these things are said by the voices in your head.

The earth currently holds 7.4 billion people, and counting

Fact: There is room for all of us, but you have to have strategy, eyeballs, and provide value in what you teach, sell, or give. 

And, you have to be real. No more costumes, replicas, or paint.

Imagine business as a universe, your universe. Scientists discover new stars, moons, and galaxies because of their curiosity, drive, and technology at hand. We get better. We are all curious, and have the capacity to discover that our universe is vast. It also goes beyond the naked eye. 

There's more out there waiting for you, and your business. 

But the journey is ours to unfold.