Be inspired, yes! Copycat, side by side comparison, no...

Photo By Ross Griff I've had some biz related thoughts running through my head this weekend that I wanted to share. About six months ago I had a biz crush on someone who had "EVERYTHING" in the biz world, or so I thought. She had a banging website that I loved ( and it made me cry when I looked a mine ) complete with near perfect professional photos of herself in sexalicious slinky poses. She also seemed to have a very clear services/products page, near perfect sales copy and her FB page was super active. She looked like she did tons of business, traveled a lot and make tons of money and for some reason I kept wanting to compare her biz to mine.

I remember putting a mental photo of her biz into the little filing cabinet within my brain and thinking, yes one day my biz will as put together as hers. Wait, first of all, why was I comparing this woman's biz to mine? We obviously weren't competitors and if we were, why would I want to be 'just like her'. Well because I was suffering from Biz Self-Esteem issues...yes that's my official diagnosis.

So fast forward a few months and I continued to stare at her page a few times a week and see what I could learn from her. She seemed confident, smart and on point with her answers. Her products were geared towards newbies in business, so I had never purchased one of her products before. Then one day she had a pay what you can sale - bingo time to get a little taste of her biz. Being intrigued I decided to go ahead and purchase one of her products so I could see what kind of magical sparkly goodness was inside this biz of hers. As soon as I had the idea I quickly surfed on over to her page and hit the payment button then entered in a rather large amount as I was feeling generous. I thought of this as an easy biz investment, I knew she was amazing right? I'm sure she'd deliver some total blow your mind product so I didn't worry about the cost too much. Maybe I could learn something from it even if I couldn't use the info in my biz.

Almost immediately after the purchase I received an autoresponder from her that really left me puzzled. It was for the wrong product and seemed  all over the place. Did she not check her autoresponder system to ensure things were good before launching this product? Does she not have a huge team like she says she has on her FB page? Why does her autoresponder sound like my grandma who has never turned on a computer wrote it? Was I in some kind of alternate online universe? All thoughts that ran through my mind, seriously.

Next I received the actual download link to the product I paid a ton of money for. Normally she sold this product for $147 and I paid her way more than that.  I think she had the button setup so you could enter in a minimum of $10, and I had an entire file of things I learned from watching her so I thought of the extra I had paid as a nice little bonus for letting me drool all over her and her website. It was my way of putting my faith in her amazing products before getting the product. You know, like saying out loud I'm ready for you to wow me Mrs. Perfect Business. I could have easily put $10 in the field just so I could continue my little taste test of what she had to offer, but that month business had been good and I was feeling generous, plus I was about to have my mind blown from her amazing product right? WRONG.

I opened the PDF she delivered to me and quickly read the document. When I say quickly, I mean in like 5 minutes, literally. It was 4 pages of pure sh*t. It had crappy inconsistent formatting, weird font issues, and absolutely ZERO usable information for a biz newbie. It was more of a skim of information that anyone could have thrown together in one quick google search. Most of it was wrong and made no sense. It contained a ton of affiliate links to things that didn't even pertain to business. I know there are products that are geared towards people who are lazy and don't want to do a google search but believe me, what this person advertised was not what she delivered. You can't even argue that I felt this way because  I wasn't her target audience. The information in this sheet wasn't even worth the minimum $10 she put on the pay what you can sale. I was a little shocked and quite frankly pissed off, at myself. This was what I just spent my hard earned money on? Why yes, yes you did girl.

Like a big fat lesson from the universe, my business crush was squashed in a total of 5 quick minutes after reading  overpaying  for a crappy product. If I could tally all the time I wasted using her stuff to make me feel like my stuff sucked, I would have probably been even more pissed at myself. I swear I felt so silly after this whole experience.

So what lessons did I learn:

  1. Just freaking stop it with the comparisons already! This goes for everything in life.
  2. It's ok to look to others for biz, life, or whatever kind of inspiration. It's not OK to compare yourself to anything or anyone. Be inspired, yes. Copycat, side by side comparison, no.
  3. Your ride is unique to you, for a reason. It's yours, it belongs to you, and you fund it with your thoughts and actions.
  4. Give yourself mad props, either daily, hourly or by the minute. Pats on the back start with believing in yourself.
  5. People who seem to have all their sh*t together, usually don't. Including you. So stop worrying about it.

After reading this, if you can identify,  pretty please promise you won't do it anymore?