Are You Suffering From Business Brain Freeze?

Right now I'm writing this post while sitting beach side. While I am kind of bummed that I can barely hear the water rushing on to the shore, I am also really enjoying what I can hear at the moment. One of the good things about running a business like mine is that I can do and go wherever I want. I never imagined I would ever have this kind of freedom. I've always been a creative that was stuck in a non-creative mold. I fell into Info Technology and my brain sort of melted into what it needed to in order to succeed. I became super robo IT girl, churning out IT crap constantly. Review, Translate, Fix, Review, Translate, Fix.

Think of your brain being this liquid, flowy, electrically charged juice. In my case, it was poured into an ice cube tray and put into the freezer. It was so cold, I was square and pegged, made to fit into a convenient little box. Only pieces of me were used and they always made sure they filled me back up for later use.  I really should have been allowed to be warm and ooze through all the things I wanted to touch and create. I know that sounds kind of creepy, but that is how I tend to look at it. It helps me remember NOT to fall back into those past patterns of mass producing work that I don't dig.

I call this, the business brain freeze. Yup.

So what's new? On a personal note, I'm on a quest to get answers in regards to my hearing. I have several leads and several people to see. I recently suffered from a serious sinus infection that made my good ear clogged and it was just a difficult thing to deal with. I've been learning to give myself a break and just try and roll with the punches. I'm on the verge of giving in and learning sign language because I'm getting tired of say "please repeat yourself" 60 times a day. If I visit places like ice cream shops or order windows I have to basically bend my ear in their face to get them to understand that I can't hear them. If they mumble it's even worse!

On the business front, things are rolling along quite nicely. I feel like I'm finding my groove between two major OBM clients whom I love dearly. I've decided to work with a gorgeous friend of mine, Leah, to help take on my project work ( link to her blog to come soon!). I've also hired my very own Assistant because I just need help. She is an absolute doll. Right now I'm focusing on really getting to know systems like InfusionSoft and Office AutoPilot. Up until this year I was knee deep in Autoresponder Marketing systems like Mailchimp and Aweber, both of which I still have love for. But now my caliber of client is changing and it seems they are more into all in one systems than just piecing together a bunch of systems. It's nice to have time to really dig in and get to use all features of a program. I've also challenged myself to really dig into social media for my clients and go outside the box to provide them with amazing results.

Speaking of the word client, I find myself NOT liking that word when describing the business women I work with. I always feel such great admiration for the people I work with and they are never just clients. Do you have any suggestions of a descriptive word I could use to explain our relationship? I mean, I manage their businesses for goodness sake. I know the word boss etc don't really apply because I am not an employee and they do not regulate what I do. Maybe I'm just being silly, I just feel like I need a better way to describe the lovelies I work with.

I am also about to release a new website for a mama of 10. I can't wait to share it with you ( speaking of admiration, you will completely dig this mama she's got it going on! ). I have also been approached for a few more website bookings and my waitlist is officially over 10 people long! Right now I'm only able to take on small websites as I can only work on them in what I call my really non-spare time. It's something I love to do and I am trying to help others, who like I was once, are just newbies trying to build their dreams.

I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions on the client word I mentioned above, please feel free to comment below!