30 Days, 30 Posts

Desk I am excited to announce that we will be participating in the 2013 Wordcount Blogathon. Not only will I be writing a blog for everyday in June, I will also be sponsoring the blogathon!

I decided to come up with 30 days of topic ideas for anyone having problems deciding what to write about. In no particular order:

  1. Write about the reasons you decided to become a blogger, or better yet, write about the connection you have to the words you write.
  2. Write about one painful moment in your blogging career ( or writing journey ).
  3. Write a post talking about the type of reader you hope to attract on your blog.
  4. Write about how your family feels about your writing.
  5. Write about your experience with writing as a child. Is there a story you can share? ( I got D's in elementary school in handwriting ha )
  6. Write about your favorite blogger, tell a story about how he/she makes you feel with their writing. Give back some writing love.
  7. Write about the last time you read a sentence that gave you chills.
  8. Write about the first time you read a book that moved you to tears.
  9. Write about your love affair with socially unacceptable curse words or even bad grammar.
  10. Write about your absolutely favorite journalist and how they don't look like how you pictured them.
  11. Write about your ability to overcome your fear of rejection.
  12. Write about your ability to think your writing was hot stuff, when it really wasn't.
  13. Write about your love of poetry, explaining how you really only like obscure poems about ________.
  14. Write about your favorite poet, give them the honor and love they deserve.
  15. Write about how you daydream about leaving your day job to become a writer.
  16. Write about your worst paying writing gig.
  17. Write about your best paying writing gig.
  18. Write about your favorite charity and list ways on how people can help them.
  19. Write about your upcoming projects or products. Give people a little insight into your long term goals.
  20. Write about the one and only thing you think that ALL bloggers should know/remember when embarking on their blogging journey.
  21. Write about the first and last time you wrote about a subject and why you will never write about it again.
  22. Write about you, not a bio of you, the daily real you. How do you feel when you wake up, or things like how you get yourself out of a funk.
  23. Write about all the things inside your head that you never post about. Pick one, and share it, as is.
  24. Write about your quest to rid your life of _______. Write a good clear argument and then use it to really change your life.
  25. Write about 5 things on your desk right now and what they mean to you.
  26. Write about how technology has improved or not improved your life.
  27. Write about your writing hero, is there one person who just lights a fire in your sky when it comes to writing?
  28. Write something opposite of your normal topics. Hate fiction? Well then write a little fictional blurb.
  29. Write about your idea of being a famous writer. What really is the measurement of success in your eyes?
  30. Write about your perception of writers from another country of residence. Is there another culture of writers that you admire?