Because I Work From Home Part II

Ok first, I normally don't blog every single day. This month I happen to be participating in the Wordcount Blogathon. Whew. It's been tough but fun. Yesterday I wrote about boundaries and how hard it is sometimes to really get people to respect your time/space when working from home. In all honesty today I managed to get two newsletters out, work on two different systems for clients, research and fix about 5 tech issues, update 2 websites, work on a new sign up form (plus tons more work stuff) clean out my closet, do two loads in the dishwasher, put away 4 loads of laundry that piled up on a chair in my bedroom, scrub the tub ( with the help of my little papaya), cook dinner and clean out the cat little box. Pretty sure I was never able to fit all of these things into one weekday when I worked in corporate America.

Working from home is a blessing. It's also super freaking hard work on top of the normal client hard work. I have to essentially balance my family life with my work life while walking on a tightrope. It's not easy, it's sort of fun and it can be dangerous because of all of the temptation there is to just drop work and do something else. The key to this is making sure your work isn't really work. Make the work be something more, you know, fun.

I chose to work from home so I could see my Papaya grow right before my eyes. So we could easily home school her, so we could easily take off on family getaways and so I could heal after years of crappy jobs and even crappier health. These things all matter.

Working from a home office most definitely has its perks such as:

  1. There is no such thing as NSFW. I mean no one blocks my internet so if I want to read some of my favorite comics or just curse a lot when reading the news, there really isn't anything anyone can do.
  2. I can eat what I want when I want. Wait this may not be a good thing. But I guess if I burn the pop corn no one will complain about the smell.
  3. If I'm smart, I can strategically fit my work around my life. This is freaking amazinggggg.
  4. I get to hang out with the most annoying cat in America, Finn.  Get off my desk cat!
  5. I can get ice cream from the ice cream man. I used to miss him EVERY SINGLE TIME due to my 8-5 schedule at the office. Again, not necessarily great for the figure but fabulous for the brain.
  6. I can google chat with my BFF all day, he is smarter than me and helps me do so much crap so much better than I could do alone.
  7. I can Skype with my mom to cry about some video I just watched, just because.
  8. I can make grocery lists while at my desk without feeling guilty, like I was on company time.
  9. I can print whateverthehell I want when I want. Not like that one time my coworker printed her entire wedding invitations on the company printer. That is just all kinds of wrong.
  10. I can wear leopard shorts and a green tank top to work and probably not brush my teeth too. Not that I'd do that you know, just you know, if I wanted to I totally could.
  11. I can have food delivered without the office nosy nancy all up in my business. YES this is the fourth time this week that I've ordered Chinese thanks.
  12. I can find out the in-laws are on their way over and not have to tell a white lie at work to get off early and clean.

See so much to be grateful for.