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Did you research the law and find out what regulations, licenses and taxes you need to apply for and pay for your biz?
Are your boundaries protected?
Do you research all of the product or service names in your biz before you release them to the public?
Do you obtain signed agreements such as Non-Disclosures (or whatever is allowed by law) or service agreements for the folks who work for you? *
Do you have an accounting system or person that you use? *
How strict are you when it comes to separating your personal from your business purchases? *
I define the CORE as: Getting Legal (Licenses, taxes, all the things you should know BEFORE you start.) Fences (Agreements for your clients and asking for them from people who provide a service to you.) Financials (Banking, cash flow, profit expectations, payments, fees and record keeping.) Business Model or Plan.  (A post-it note or 10 pager will do, your choice)