AWeber – Why you should use it

Just like the above, AWeber is an Email Service Provider that is popular with internet marketers and other online businesses. 

How it works

Just like Mailchimp it allows you to manage your bulk emails. 

Advantages over Mailchimp

AWeber has more street cred. What that means is when you land in folks inboxes while using AWeber, they tend to take you more serious. Since Mailchimp can basically be a free tool, many people feel it's something that only new businesses use. While that isn't entirely true, it's just the overall opinion of most folks in business. 

AWeber includes a customizable forms builder ( you know, that little box on websites you use to sign up for crap ) but Mailchimp technically does not. I will admit thought that AWebers forms aren't really that amazing. They are OK but nothing to write home about, although they are better than Mailchimps form builder which is pretty plain. 

Set up requirements

To setup the system you'll need to go to and sign up for an account. You'll need a name, address and phone # to assign to the account. You'll also need to upload a .csv Excel file of all the contacts you wish to add to your system. *Remember you can only do this if you are moving from another system, do not purchase or scrape for lists*. This can easily done by using a 3 column spreadsheet that contains First name, Last name and Email Address all in their own column.

Next you'll need a header graphic that is approx. 600 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. There are several online programs to create these quickly such as Once you have a header graphic you can view the templates within the system and choose one that works best for your design.

You'll also need to setup your first list by following the list setup wizard.

Ongoing Management

Just like Mailchimp, the maintenance in AWeber is pretty easy. They handle most maintenance for you. 

You'll need to log in and add content to your newsletters. You will also need to schedule the message. The newsletters are stored within the system, there is no need to download and keep on your hard drive.