Meet Dani: The Official Bio

Star-gazer, a wonder-maker, and a success-seer for community driven, fiery business owners who are tired of trying to fit themselves and their business in a vanilla box.

Most of the successes my owners have experienced have been because we've worked together to identify what traits are holding them (or their web presence) back and then develop the habits to go way beyond where they are. 

My mission? To teach all owners who have the passion for what they do to succeed at being the best HUMANS and the best entrepreneurs they possibly can be. 

Entrepreneurship isn't as much about business as it is about learning who you are and growing into who you want to be.  

And I'm just the Mage to weave the magic you need to do it.


The Team

While I am the wizard behind the curtain, I have a small team of developers and copywriters who help me help the people we work with to provide them with designs and words that show the true colors of the soul of their businesses.

And in keeping with our company philosophy, I only hire and work with the best so that what we do makes powerful impacts upfront and behind the scenes


Meet Dani: The Not-So Official Story

  • She/Her. Hobbies include exploiting weaknesses in computer security, and telling Martha from accounting to cut me checks.

  • Started my first IT Consulting + Web Design biz back in 2004. Used to crawl in attics to run Cat5 Cable.

  • Got my first big money web design/dev project in 2007, blew the entire check on buying sandwiches to hand out to the homeless and almost got arrested.

  • Worked in IT professionally and ran several side businesses (Hand-made stuff, painting, clay beads)

  • Ran several more side hustles as a Technology Writer and Virtual Assistant.

  • Had a bundle of joy riotgirrl named Maya exit the baby portal early in 2009.

  • Went full-time in my Online Biz Manager business soon after that leaving behind my legacy of not giving a single solitary f*ck about corporate America in my dust.

  • Made several mistakes, opened several more businesses because who needs sleep.

  • Decided to open up a tShirt shop over at to help provide accessibility to artists who want to sell shirts but can’t afford the overhead.

  • Got a weird tingly feeling so we sold everything we owned, and moved halfway across the country to live in an AirBnB on Massacre Island.

  • Got diagnosed with PCOS, Clinical Depression, and a mean case of uncontrollable Diabetes. Yay me. Time to make the donuts, I mean lettuce bowls and find a way to still keep business’n without killing myself.

  • Re-worked my biz model to be community driven, never been happier. 😈

  • Director of Operations for phenomenal people. Digital Art-worker, Web Designer + Developer (I have a tiny agency).