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  • http://www.jeaniekelu.blogspot.co.uk Jeanie

    Hi there Dani,

    I stumbled across your blog after searching for some information on starting a career as a life coach. I don’t have the funds to pay for a mentor but I will be looking around for free sessions just to see whether this really is the career for me. I think so to be honest.

    May I ask how YOU got started in the business and the challenges you came across?



    • http://www.danimagestro.com Dani Magestro

      Hey Jeanie, so sorry for the late response just saw your comment in my spam box.

      I got started in business by accident really. We were in a financial crisis and I had to find a way to generate more income. At first it was ‘extra’ cash and then it turned into something that made me MORE money. The challenges for me were balancing my life/family and actually getting paid based on the value of what I was delivering. I was totally undercharging.

      If there is anything I can do to help support your journey please let me know.
      Best wishes.