The Evolution Sessions

The business you've spent the last year growing into is waiting on you to breathe life into its soul. 

It's ready to leave behind the mindless posting in group after unprofitable group. It's ready to walk away from hard-to-deal-with clients. It wants you to give it the chance to make for you what you KNOW you can make from it. 

Profit doesn't happen by chance. Neither does a business that fits your lifestyle and your values. 

I'm Dani. Wonder-Maker and reader of your business stars. I've worked with powerful online A-listers for the last ten years. 

It's your turn. 

Spend the next 5 weeks with me in your ear, walking you through solid growth steps and profits that follow.

I have been working with Danielle for the last four years and as a direct result of our 1:1 sessions, her support in between, and the strategies she’s pushed me to implement, my business has doubled in size and I continue to have a waiting list of clients to work with. She’ll have to fire me before I’ll ever fire her. LOL
— Tania Dakka, Copywriter

Welcome to the Evolution Sessions. 

During these 5 weeks, we take a down and dirty look at what you've been doing and what you SHOULD be doing. 
The one thing I've seen online in this last decade is that stagnation kills profits. 

You have to be willing to adapt, shift. Fucking EVOLVE. 
Because higher profits? Don't follow broken steps of the masses. 

If you're ready to step into a business that looks, feels, acts, and sounds like you because it is ALL you, then you're ready for the Evolution Sessions. 

Dani is very straightforward, honest, helpful and guided me to what I need to do next, and it was so incredibly helpful and amazing. It was a no-fluff zone, just honest feedback and honest guidance which really helped me see where I need to move forward right away. Dani helped me dig deeper into what I’m doing right, and what I still need to work on so that I could tweak the areas of weaknesses to grow, target the areas where I need the most work to help move my business forward faster.
— Kristin Lloyd-Moussa, Success Coach and Mindset Expansion Mentor

As your sounding board, confidante, guide, success-seer, it's my job to carry you through the brain dumps that want to take you off track and keep you small. 

You're much bigger than your squirrels and shiny objects want you to be. 

And I'm here to clear away all the fog and cobwebs that stop the light of success from filtering into your business. 

Continuing to go it alone is fine. It really is. You will eventually reach your destination.

And that's awesome. 

But I only work with the business owners who are tired of the slow road. The ones I push are ready for the dollas to rain on them.

They are ready to do the work they need to do to make it. 

I knew when I booked time with Dani that she had the experience and knowledge to help me get to where I want to go. I didn’t know that talking with her would bring me so much clarity and peace of mind. It was like all of these pieces of information I had floating around my head magically made sense when she put them in context for me. If you want to notch your business up to a new level, talk to Dani. She’s magic.
— Kim Calocoa, Systems Strategist and Tech Healer

1 payment option

1 Full Payment of $599

2 payment option

2 Payments of $325 / Made 30 days apart

Why working with me works:

From the crow's perspective, I see what most owner's can't. And with my underground knowledge, I know what's trending and can read what's happening in the world of business. 

I feed you strategies that rocket your business upward because you're not doing what everyone else is. 

We take a look at numbers and move through a mixture of action and magic to bring you to your next evolution. 

When we meet around the cauldron, we're not chatting about the kids. We're hitting the magic books hard so you walk away with actionable steps for the week.


Who the heck is Danielle? 

I'm a star-gazer, a wonder-maker, and a success-seer for bold and edgy business owners who are tired of the bullshit scene that isn't making money. 

My family and I uprooted from beautiful Asheville, to set on an adventure that we are still living. And it's my business that allows us to live the traveling life that we want to live. 

Our wonderful daughter is homeschooled and loves every minute of watching mama win at business. And now she's getting to watch her dad learn to do the same thing. 

Most of the successes my owners have experienced has been because we've worked together to identify what traits are holding them back and then develop the habits to go way beyond where they are. 

My mission? To teach all owners who have the passion for what they do to succeed at being the best HUMANS and the best entrepreneurs they possibly can be. 

Entrepreneurship isn't as much about business as it is about learning who you are and growing into who you want to be.  

And I'm just the Mage to weave the magic you need to do it.




Is this a group program?
No, 1:1, just us for 5 weeks. It includes 5 total calls, for 45 to 75 minutes. 

What hours/times will the appts be available?
I am located in the Central/Chicago timezone and I do take calls in the am, afternoon, evenings and the occasional weekends too.

What if I'm just starting my business? Can I still book The Evolution Sessions?
Absolutely! The best time to build your momentum is right at the beginning of your business! This program is good for business owners who have been in business for less than 5 years. 

What if I'm not a coach? Can I still work with you?
Yes! Whether you're a coach or a service provider like copywriter, a virtual assistant or graphic designer, I can help you. 

How many slots available?
I can only book 2 people max for this program. As soon as a 5 week cycles ends, the spot opens. 

What if I need to reschedule a session?
You are required to notify me 24 hours before your session if you need to reschedule otherwise you forfeit the appointment.

What if I change my mind, may I get a refund?
No, there are no refunds on this program so please be 100% sure you are ready to dig into your business.


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