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The Blog Disappearing Act (An Official Science Experiment)

It’s been about 3 months since my fingers hit the keys within this blog. Why did I take a break? Well, the official reason is I wanted to test a theory. I’ve heard Derek Halpern from Social Triggers mention several times that you don’t have to blog 3+ days per week in order to get traffic. In fact, I’ve heard him say this for years and it has always intrigued me. So I decided I would lay off the blogging and focus more within my business ( ie take a damn break ) and see what I was left with. Some thoughts…

1. Derek is right.

2. My blog traffic managed to grow exponentially thanks to some strategically placed keywords in my blogs. So while I wonder how my regular readers feel and if they stuck around, I do know people are still coming here and commenting on the things they read. ( To the tune of 10,000+ a month! )

A few cool things that happened during this break. ( Why do I feel like Ross and Rachel from Friends every time I say break? lol ) And overall, I’m excited to be back. Now the unofficial reason I took a break was well, so I could run far away from Entrepreneur burnout AND focus on a few new endeavors.

What is in the works?

1. A new “All things tech” service where I offer to answer your questions related to anything you need for your online business. This means unlimited email/Skype access! There will be a free and premium version of this.

2. I will begin offering ONE mentoring spot per month where I support you in the first 30 days of your biz.  This is a premium service.

3. I’m opening up my online shop and it will contain several fun to read ebooks (meaning they won’t bore your pants off) and gorgeous resume templates ( so excited for this ).

4. My Tech Manager practice is currently full. So for now, no open slots there but I do have a waiting list if you are interested.

5. I’m also focusing a ton on Ontraport ( Office Autopilot ) setups so if you need help. Then I’m just a shout away.

Glad to be back, Dani

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Ontraport Client Notification System

Recently I saw a message on an Ontraport FB group that mentioned how downtown was killing the confidence of the person posting. While this hasn’t been much of an issue for my clients, I still think monitoring is a going to be a great tool. If for some reason a sequence doesn’t fire off, you’ll know why! ( Unless it was human error of course )

It’s now a few days later and it looks like Ontraport has partnered with pingdom to provide a client notification system. If you use Ontraport go here and enter your cell phone so you can be informed of outages.

I can’t rave enough about how much I trust Ontraport and their customer service is amazing.

I know they are in the process of upgrading their servers and working through some rather large growth spurts so it’s good to see them tackling this on both ends.


How Being Desperate Can Cost You More Than Money

If you’ve ever found yourself desperate for ANYTHING, just know that desperation can lead you to make really stupid decisions.

I’ve seen people who were desperate for work take on jobs that basically paid crap. Yes, in the end they got a little bit of money and hard work is great for the soul and all. But in the end, it rarely leads to some big amazing thing. I’ve seen people who were just starting out in their businesses being desperate and giving discounts when they shouldn’t be. Taking on clients who were terrible ( been there, done that ) and just treating themselves poorly out of desperation.

Why does that matter? Because life IS about turning little things into BIG amazing things! You have a choice to make, so why not make one that will improve things?

Often times, when I’m counseling people on their work situation, I’ll realize that their life and work mirror each other. Take the case of a young woman I work with sometimes who in her past life was abused terribly. Guess what happens in most of her jobs? She ends up with a jerkface boss who abuses her or a company that cheats her out of money constantly. When I ask her about this she’ll tell me “Oh but I was desperate for work” and I’ll tell her “But while you were connecting to the comfort of yet again being abused, several amazing opportunities passed you by”. It’s true…

Believe me, I want to ring her neck sometimes because I know she is comfortable in these bad work situations. Instead I just try to lend her an ear and trickle awesome job opportunities to her via skype as often as possible. I also helped tweak her resume so she could see all of her amazing accomplishments with the hopes of making it all click.

Another example of making poor decisions out of desperation was when I was a teenager we moved way out into the country and there were no jobs within 20 miles. I was desperate for money and I was desperate to get out of my house. My mom left for work early in the morning and I had no car. So I decided I’d find a job in town, during the day and just take a taxi whenever I needed to get to work. This made sense to me because I wanted nights off to go hang out with my friends. On one hand, I get an A for effort. On the other hand I was paying $25 a day to get to a job that paid me $35 dollars a day so it was something I probably shouldn’t do long term. The problem is that often these desperate things lead to long term engagements and begin to warp your thinking skills. Soon, you’ll begin to think that struggling is the norm and begin to make decisions so that your life is harder, instead of easier.

So guess what I did next? I worked and I took a taxi often, until I saved up enough money to buy a car. Can you guess how many taxi’s and work days I had before I could save up enough to get a car? Way too freaking many and I was exhausted. So exhausted that I tried to get a second (working at a kids play place god help me ) and a third job (Hostess at an Italian restaurant) just to fund my first one! I bought a $500 car from my neighbor that ran amazing, then crashed that car a week later in the parking lot of a grocery store. It actually got ran over by a monster truck ( RIP Smurf Mobile ), a real live monster truck and I realize now that I was probably just really exhausted from all the going out and working 53 jobs to even be driving safely.

So I was desperate for work. I was desperate for a car. I was desperate to hang out with my friends until 4 am driving 100′s of miles to go out to clubs. It was like a desperate domino affect, and it took me YEARS to break this way of thinking.

How could I have fixed this situation? I could have gotten a job close to where my mom worked (or worked with her, she ran her own business) and saved the $25 a day I paid to the taxi. I could have given her some gas money and shut my mouth for the hour long ride everyday instead of acting like a snotty teenager. I would have been less exhausted, and probably gotten to enjoy myself more. I also could have just worked nights at my job, which would have paid me more because I worked in a high end store in the shoe department where I got paid commission. The girls who worked nights made way more money than I did! Looking back I realize almost every single misstep I took in my life was due to being desperate. So how do you fix this? First, you make the decision to be strategic in your life decisions. You take the right risks, and close the right doors on your own. You remove your ego from the situation and never act before thinking.

Second, you build your self esteem. Remember, You are worthy! In fact, you are more than worthy. You’ve been given yet another day to exist on this big beautiful ball of dirt, so remember that you owe it to yourself to be happy. Poor self esteem is the number one reason why people make crappy decisions. So work on it and I promise that with self esteem comes confidence, and with confidence comes wisdom.

That is why no matter how desperate the predicament is, I am always very much in earnest about clutching my cane, straightening my derby hat and fixing my tie, even though I have just landed on my head.
Charlie Chaplin


Life VS Employment, An End of Year Reflection

Photo Cred: Lisa Rigoni Photography

Photo Cred: Lisa Rigoni Photography

End of year thought, or reflection I guess. First let me tell you in this fight, life wins.

Once upon a time I was nursing my bebe at the grocery store. This was not something I normally did in public ( So shy back then!) but my baby was tired and hungry so I got over my shyness and just went for it. I was exhausted, and knew I looked like a hot mess. As I slowly waltzed down the bread aisle I saw a man that I recognized but wasn’t really able to put a name to the face. I recognized his eyes, his horn-rimmed glasses and the logo on his light blue work shirt. We had just moved to this area two weeks before. I left the security of my job of 8 years and we sold everything we owned to move to a town where we could live a much simpler life. We knew a total of two people in the town of 70,000 and he for sure wasn’t one of them. I kept thinking, where in the heck do I know this guy from and why does he look so uncomfortable? Then it hit me…. He was the same person who had both hired and fired me the week before.

I immediately flashed back to the interview. I remember him telling me there was no such thing as breaks in my job as an IT Communications Coordinator and that we were lucky to get 5 minutes to use the restroom each day (I should have walked away then) even though we worked 10+ hour days. The lady I was replacing attended the interview, but she was on speakerphone. I asked if she was at home or another office and they all laughed. No, she was in the other room but tethered to her desk. OH wow I thought, she couldn’t even leave her desk for a quick meet and greet? I quickly dismissed my gut feeling. I could make this work right? That’s ok I thought, I’d use those 5 minutes to pump. I’ll pump in my car, in the restroom, heck standing on my head if needed. I had boobs of steel and could knock out an entire bottle for her in 5 minutes so I’ll figure out a way to make it work. Who cares about UTI’s, I can hold my bladder for days! (wut) I had left my corporate IT job for something more meaningful, or at least less stressful and it was super important for me to be able to provide my 8 month old with milk to take to daycare. Looking back I just shake my head at all of this and my lack of ability to see when a job wasn’t a good fit for me let alone ANY human being.

I performed pretty well in the interview, dazzling them with my answers and got the job. They even offered me MORE than what I was asking for money wise and immediately sent over a contract for me to sign. Excited and relieved, I signed it and sent it right back not skipping a single beat. I thought, “I am so happy this is locked in” but I still continued to go on interviews even after they offered me the job, just in case. So after a few days of going back and forth via email about how excited everyone was to have me on board because of my extensive IT experience, they asked me if I had any questions for the managers or HR. I mentioned that they could send me info on the benefits package (it started day 1 and I was curious, and I also asked about domestic partner benefits as we weren’t married at the time) and casually mentioned I’d need one 5 minute break per day. I also said that the break could be anytime, I didn’t need it to be a set time that I was flexible, and I’d consider them my bathroom break. I said that I wanted them to know now so that if I found a window of opportunity to take one they’d understand it was planned and necessary.

I felt very comfy emailing this to them as they were so casual in the email, joking and telling me all the office gossip, who to baby, who to be tough on, who to ignore….. laughing about my ability to handle a room full of engineers who did things like throw nerf footballs at each others heads, who also got into arguments because of stress, and who apparently had farting contests on a daily basis. They made sure I was aware of what I was getting into before I accepted the job. They were honest and they wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to cringe or sue them. Was I tough enough to deal with this group? You betcha.  I was going to be their new engineer wrangler.

Looking back, I didn’t mention anything that could have made them uncomfortable. I worded it very carefully, and for all they knew I had to take the 5 minutes to give myself an insulin shot. This was a very small office of 10 people so I thought they’d def notice me taking a 5 minute break with a giant bag of nursing supplies so I needed to bring it up. Within a few minutes I received an email saying I was fired, and saying they were going to pass on hiring me despite the signed agreement by both parties because I had asked too many questions in my last email.  I had already passed all of the background checks, the 2 interviews, and signed a one year contract. I felt so betrayed that these people didn’t see me as a human being and just fired me over email before I even started! I immediately started to question myself, did I say too much or was I rude? Nope, I thought it was my ‘in’ to discuss my needs and I was wrong.

I was in shock. I was so happy I had found a job in our new town and offered more money. I had a signed offer letter from the CEO of the company. I thought how exactly do I respond to this email? Do I apologize about mentioning the break I needed, do I make excuses, crawl back and ask them to reconsider? Do I demand a more in depth answer as to why? Do I tell them sorry that I mentioned partner benefits or do I compromise and just stop worrying about taking a break to do something good for my daughter? No, that wasn’t right either. So what did I do?

I never responded, I let my silence speak for itself. Days passed and they emailed me a few more times to make sure I wasn’t going to just awkwardly show up (would have be fun!), so I continued to ignore their messages thinking I’d never have to see their ugly mugs again. BUT I was wrong. I had never lived in a town this small, and if this was Miami or Dallas, I probably would have never seen any of them again.

So imagine being at the grocery store, with my hair not brushed and sticking up, probably wearing some form of pajamas and no makeup. Stressed out about our dwindling funds, making sure I was keeping to our small food budget while feeling like I did the right thing for my family. My baby was snugly tucked away in her Moby Wrap nursing and while you couldn’t see my body parts, it was pretty obvious what I was doing. As I got closer to him, I popped the baby off because she was done, exposing that I was nursing. With perfect timing she sat up and poked her gorgeous little dark head of hair out, all milk drunk and stared at him with all her cuteness. It was then that I saluted him and kept on walking. No not the one finger salute, although looking back I wish I had.. It was then that I knew he recognized me and I turned around to see his face as he watched me sashay past the tortillas. He looked embarrassed and like he wanted to crawl under a rock.

I still live in this town and still see him now and again, and I have also seen the same job posted on Indeed more than a dozen times in 4 years. Sounds like they have high turnover, I wonder why?

Quote from my book:

Its true, it’s not just a 9-5 job. I want to give my best too. Nowadays, if your’re passionate about something, people tend to think negatively about you, they think you must have gone mad. Because you would dedicate most of your time, focusing solely on perfecting your craft and not out in the world just sucking in air.

Book, yet to be named…

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Time for some non-action….

Photo Cred: Filbert on Flickr

Photo Cred: Filbert on Flickr

Click to tweet the above quote. 

As we approach the end of the year, I’ve decided to take a little holiday vacay. During this time I’m 100% sure I’ll spend some time on my business rebrand. I have a few websites I’m tying up and other than that, I’ll be traveling to visit our family and spend a nice calm quiet Christmas with them.

LOTS of new services coming up, as well as some sad goodbyes to others. I may pepper in a sweet little vintage etsy shop, a custom WordPress template shop and more! You never know what will pop up….

I leave you with a gorgeous poem. Have a great holiday season!


Action and Non-Action



The non-action of the wise man is not inaction.
It is not studied. It is not shaken by anything.
The sage is quiet because he is not moved,
Not because he wills to be quiet.
Still water is like glass.
You can look in it and see the bristles on your chin.
It is a perfect level;
A carpenter could use it.
If water is so clear, so level,
How much more the spirit of man?
The heart of the wise man is tranquil.
It is the mirror of heaven and earth
The glass of everything.
Emptiness, stillness, tranquillity, tastelessness,
Silence, non-action: this is the level of heaven and earth.
This is perfect Tao. Wise men find here
Their resting place.
Resting, they are empty.
From emptiness comes the unconditioned.
From this, the conditioned, the individual things.
So from the sage’s emptiness, stillness arises:
From stillness, action. From action, attainment.
From their stillness comes their non-action, which is also action
And is, therefore, their attainment.
For stillness is joy. Joy is free from care
Fruitful in long years.
Joy does all things without concern:
For emptiness, stillness, tranquillity, tastelessness,
Silence, and non-action
Are the root of all things.

How to Overcome Your Fears About Starting a Business

Photo Cred: Davide Restivo

Photo Cred: Davide Restivo


Finally a blog post where I get to talk about Britney Spears, C-Sections and Business.  Trust me it all relates to fear. Are you trying to overcome your fears about starting a business? Lucky for you I’m serving up some more than practical advice to get over your paralyzing fear.

Decide that you CAN do this. 

No, seriously, If you don’t believe in YOU who will? You mom, yes. Your Auntie Hilda, probably. But what about YOU? Like everything in life, belief makes things happen. If you don’t at least invest the minimum energy you need in order to believe you can accomplish something, you won’t. Start off with a little belief and watch it grow grow grow. Even if you aren’t sure that you can do it, just believe it and you will get farther than most. I know people who can’t sing a lick who have had successful bands just because they were able to let their charisma, character and confidence rock the mic.

Acknowledge that failure is a highly possible and probable option. 

I know I know, everyone says “Failure is NOT an option” so I won’t feed  you that nonsense. Just know that everyone in business makes mistakes. From big biz to small biz, shit happens. Failing isn’t a direct reflection of you, it’s a reflection of the lessons you need to learn. (click to tweet). Also believe me when I say that everyone has a different definition of failure. Your standards are probably way too high anyway.  You know that relative/friend/coworker who is always a jerk face to you for believing in your little ‘pipe dreams’? Well that person doesn’t matter . Don’t let anyone else’s definition of success make or break you. It’s up to you to decide where you land in the game of life.

Do it for YOURSELF. 

Everyone, and I mean everyone MUST do whatever they plan to be/sell/giveaway at least once. Want to write a successful non-fiction book? Make sure whatever you write about is from direct experience. Want to sell a million dollar sales program, well make a million bucks and inject what you learned into a process. This. works. every. time. If you don’t DIY, at least once, you won’t learn and you won’t be able to translate it to a human, who may or may not have tons of cash in their pocket. Yes, hiring in help is usually necessary but remember that your experience is what makes you the go to person for (insert your idea here). So that experience matters.

Acknowledge that it’s meaningful to you and imagine the end result. 

Once you know how to do something, it’s then your honorary duty as a human being to pass along that knowledge. So smartly package that baby up and put it out there for the world to see. I’ll tell you, it’s scary/hard/heart bending to do this but you know what, so is pretty much anything in this world that is worth a damn.

Real world example:

I once had a baby via (forced) c-section, no big deal right? Well the very inexperienced doctor started my surgery late so she operated with only about 10 minutes of anesthesia left in my body.  Normal c-sections at my hospital are around 20 minutes on average. My c-section lasted over 2.5 hours so you do the math. Before I went into shock I decided right then and there, while lying on that table, with Britney Spears Toxic playing excruciatingly loud on the operating room radio, that if I lived through this experience I would never ever ever be scared again. Not being scared gives meaningful things permission to come to life. (click to tweet) Believe me that moment was rough, but the thought of what I was going to experience if I survived is what got me through it all. Imagine the end result, it’s what got me through.

After writing this I realize this advice can pretty much be used for ANYTHING you are afraid of. Have something to add or just want to tell me what you’ve been afraid of? Message me below and I promise to respond.

PS. And for the record no one should EVER be forced to listen to that song while attempting to give birth. 

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Nourish yourself and watch your biz grow.

This week I’ve learned so many life lessons in such a short time that I swear it’s been 7 years instead of 7 days.

Kate Nielsen Quote

My business ( and life ) is twisting and turning like it’s squeezing out all of the excess water. This is a good thing, and in the end, I know I’ll come out looking like a nice fluffy cute animal rather than a soaking wet mess.

Is it scary?


It is hard?


Is it worth it?

You betcha.

Some advice after going through this weeks trials and tribulations:

Nourish yourself first. You can’t do anything if you are doing everything.

Exercise, Breathe, Think, Eat Well and Relax.

Listen to whatever needs your attention, and then schedule it or deal with it.

Be happy in your own company, and I mean this in your biz as well as physically/mentally. Without you, you have nothing.

Just so you know, these are the things I invested in this week and you know what? My stuff is finally moving rather than sitting in my lap. As a biz owner this happens. Your stuff gets all mucked up and you lose sight of what’s happening. In my case it’s from exhaustion that I haven’t really tried to control.  Here are a few things I’ve had happen since focusing on the above.

I had a flash of inspiration in regards to my new logo after feeling creatively blocked in regards to it.

I made several high dollar decisions.

I had more fun and laughed a whole bunch more.

I let go of some invisible things that were holding me back.

This week I’ve also gotten my ass kicked by the lovely and talented Aliza. Check her out. Hire her and pay her lots and lots of money. She is worth it.

Photo Cred: Kate Nielsen

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Be inspired, yes! Copycat, side by side comparison, no…

Photo By Ross Griff

Photo Cred: Ross Griff

I’ve had some biz related thoughts running through my head this weekend that I wanted to share. About six months ago I had a biz crush on someone who had “EVERYTHING” in the biz world, or so I thought. She had a banging website that I loved ( and it made me cry when I looked a mine ) complete with near perfect professional photos of herself in sexalicious slinky poses. She also seemed to have a very clear services/products page, near perfect sales copy and her FB page was super active. She looked like she did tons of business, traveled a lot and make tons of money and for some reason I kept wanting to compare her biz to mine.

I remember putting a mental photo of her biz into the little filing cabinet within my brain and thinking, yes one day my biz will as put together as hers. Wait, first of all, why was I comparing this woman’s biz to mine? We obviously weren’t competitors and if we were, why would I want to be ‘just like her’. Well because I was suffering from Biz Self-Esteem issues…yes that’s my official diagnosis.

So fast forward a few months and I continued to stare at her page a few times a week and see what I could learn from her. She seemed confident, smart and on point with her answers. Her products were geared towards newbies in business, so I had never purchased one of her products before. Then one day she had a pay what you can sale – bingo time to get a little taste of her biz. Being intrigued I decided to go ahead and purchase one of her products so I could see what kind of magical sparkly goodness was inside this biz of hers. As soon as I had the idea I quickly surfed on over to her page and hit the payment button then entered in a rather large amount as I was feeling generous. I thought of this as an easy biz investment, I knew she was amazing right? I’m sure she’d deliver some total blow your mind product so I didn’t worry about the cost too much. Maybe I could learn something from it even if I couldn’t use the info in my biz.

Almost immediately after the purchase I received an autoresponder from her that really left me puzzled. It was for the wrong product and seemed  all over the place. Did she not check her autoresponder system to ensure things were good before launching this product? Does she not have a huge team like she says she has on her FB page? Why does her autoresponder sound like my grandma who has never turned on a computer wrote it? Was I in some kind of alternate online universe? All thoughts that ran through my mind, seriously.

Next I received the actual download link to the product I paid a ton of money for. Normally she sold this product for $147 and I paid her way more than that.  I think she had the button setup so you could enter in a minimum of $10, and I had an entire file of things I learned from watching her so I thought of the extra I had paid as a nice little bonus for letting me drool all over her and her website. It was my way of putting my faith in her amazing products before getting the product. You know, like saying out loud I’m ready for you to wow me Mrs. Perfect Business. I could have easily put $10 in the field just so I could continue my little taste test of what she had to offer, but that month business had been good and I was feeling generous, plus I was about to have my mind blown from her amazing product right? WRONG.

I opened the PDF she delivered to me and quickly read the document. When I say quickly, I mean in like 5 minutes, literally. It was 4 pages of pure sh*t. It had crappy inconsistent formatting, weird font issues, and absolutely ZERO usable information for a biz newbie. It was more of a skim of information that anyone could have thrown together in one quick google search. Most of it was wrong and made no sense. It contained a ton of affiliate links to things that didn’t even pertain to business. I know there are products that are geared towards people who are lazy and don’t want to do a google search but believe me, what this person advertised was not what she delivered. You can’t even argue that I felt this way because  I wasn’t her target audience. The information in this sheet wasn’t even worth the minimum $10 she put on the pay what you can sale. I was a little shocked and quite frankly pissed off, at myself. This was what I just spent my hard earned money on? Why yes, yes you did girl.

Like a big fat lesson from the universe, my business crush was squashed in a total of 5 quick minutes after reading  overpaying  for a crappy product. If I could tally all the time I wasted using her stuff to make me feel like my stuff sucked, I would have probably been even more pissed at myself. I swear I felt so silly after this whole experience.

So what lessons did I learn:

  1. Just freaking stop it with the comparisons already! This goes for everything in life.
  2. It’s ok to look to others for biz, life, or whatever kind of inspiration. It’s not OK to compare yourself to anything or anyone. Be inspired, yes. Copycat, side by side comparison, no.
  3. Your ride is unique to you, for a reason. It’s yours, it belongs to you, and you fund it with your thoughts and actions.
  4. Give yourself mad props, either daily, hourly or by the minute. Pats on the back start with believing in yourself.
  5. People who seem to have all their sh*t together, usually don’t. Including you. So stop worrying about it.

After reading this, if you can identify,  pretty please promise you won’t do it anymore?

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{Tutorial} How To Turn Comments Off on WordPress Pages

Have you ever created a page on your WordPress website and realized you don’t want to allow comments. By default WordPress allows comments on all pages, so if this isn’t something you want you’ll need to learn how to turn it off. Personally I can’t think of any reason why you would want people to comment on a page. Posts, yes, but pages, why? Still can’t see any valid reason for those…

Tutorial: How to turn comments off  on WordPress Pages.

Time it takes to implement: 2 minutes. Yes really.

Degree of difficulty: ZERO, it’s that easy.

Ok so this one isn’t going to use tons of visuals because it’s super duper easy. If you want to turn comments off on a new page you created on your WordPress website follow these instructions:

  1. First up, from your WordPress Dashboard, go to all pages.
  2. Second, find the page you want to remove the comments option from and tick it using the tick box on the left. If you want to do it for all, use the little select all tick box.
  3. Next, while the page is ticked, select Edit from the drop down box and then hit apply. This is called doing a bulk edit.
  4. Next, go to the section that says comments and select do not allow. Hit update and you are done!


Remove Comments from WordPress Pages


Now you won’t have any more random weirdos commenting on your services/about/kitty lolz page.

Want to remove comments from ALL pages in the future. That takes a little more work, so more on that soon! Hope this helped and please leave me a comment below if you have any questions or need help.


How to remove sidebar widgets from certain pages in WordPress

Degree of Difficulty: EASY as pie

Today I found the absolute easiest plugin in the world to use! I had been looking for a quick and easy way to remove the sidebar on my theme, by the page,  and finally found a plugin works.

In  a week or two I’ll be rebranding my site to align better with me and my personality. This is such an exuberant feeling! So rather than coding in some page templates with the sidebars gone, I googled what I needed and found this plugin. It’s called Display Widget and it was just what I was looking for. It allows you to remove the sidebar widgets by pages or posts.

To use you it you simply go into your widget area, click on the widget and scroll down. There will be an area where you can check/uncheck ( depending how you have it setup ) and the widget will no longer show on your page.

This is fabulous because I’ve been attempting to get my portfolio online for weeks now and I needed full width page, which my current template did not have.  So if you’ve been trying to figure out how to remove your sidebar widgets, by the page, look no further!

 I also have some kick butt news…

I will be hosting a weekly blog post where people can post their website questions and URL’s in the comments and I will offer feedback and assistance in the form of a critique. New services will be popping up soon too!

Excited and more on this soon!

6 comments VS – The Quick and Dirty Guide to Figuring Out Which One to Use vs

What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. What does this mean? It means it’s a bad ass mofo, that’s what.

One of the number ones questions people come to me for is to figure out how the heck they move from over to Most of the time it’s the same old story “Oh I didn’t realize they were different”. Yep folks they are different and here are the major things you need to know. is a site where you can host a free version of WordPress. Free sounds great right? Nawww, not likely. While it runs on the same platform as, has some severe limitations such as:

You can’t run any pay per click ads or make money off ads on your site. You also can’t write any paid posts or make any money off this site, period. It’s not meant for commercial use or personal even, with a side of cash moolah.

You also can’t upload plugins. Most people realize this fairly quickly and want to punch themselves in the face when they realize wasn’t what they were looking for. In addition, you can’t upload themes so that $45 theme you just purchased through themeforest is utterly useless. And to make matters worse you don’t get FTP access to your back end! (Oh my) Everyone knows that for the love of all things, thanks to annoying hackers, you WILL need back end access at least once in your WordPress adventure.

You are also limited in space so if you love to film yourself and slap those videos on your website, is not the best choice for you.

Some people argue that you can pay more to remove some of the above limitations and while that is true, it’s just silly. Why drive 1000 miles to get something that you can find in your front yard?

Another question I get asked fairly often is Self Hosted VS, which is basically the same question as the title of this blog. If you are confused by those terms, let me help ya out. All that self hosted means is you are in control. Self Hosted, also known as, is great because you can pick any web host across the globe to host your little baby. Heck if you want your little friend who runs servers from his mama’s basement to host it, go for it., the somewhat free version of WordPress the platform actually hosts that one for you and restricts the crap out of your stuff in exchange for this freebie. Remember they are a business and need to make money too



Now if you are a no frills, give me the flat country with a side or no responsibility, seems like a good fit for you. There are relatively no possible ways to get some creepy virus or other strange happenings in land, so if you want safe and sound, that is your best route. Just know that if you want to do and be more than just a flat little blog, you’ll need to mosey on over to

The last question I seem to get on a daily basis is, “Can you help me move my site over to”. Why yes my dear I can, but I’ll save that for another post.  Got questions? Message me below and I’ll help you out!

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So many things happening over here…

First, new branding…NEW BRANDING people! I cannot tell you how elated and in love I am with my new brand. As a girl who never really ‘fit in’ with the mainstream world, creating a brand that felt authentic was really super important to me. I also wanted to create a new brand that was reflective of the evolution of my biz and the combination of all of my services. For a long time,  I’ve really struggled with accepting and nurturing what I saw unfolding before my eyes. I was scared that the services I planned on offering were too contradictory, but BOY was I wrong!

The amazing thing about this whole process is that after ONE conversation with the very talented Aliza from A Freaking Great Company, this new brand came out from the deep dark cave it was hiding in. She captured my essence so easily and I am forever grateful for that.  The new brand will be released soon, along with my new services as I’m putting the finishing touches on the graphics. I highly suggest you book a session with her! Please ‘like’ her page and tell her I sent you =)

Second, I’m in LOVE with Twice. Thanks to the super hot and talented Erika Napoletano, (who I found out about through Aliza, good god I owe her) I discovered my new obsession Twice. The day I ordered they were having a fabulous sale and I got the cutest sweater! What is Twice exactly? It’s an online shop where you can buy and sell gently used clothing. As a follower of the vintage and thrift clothing genre, I love this! They only accept higher end brands ( So no Target etc ) and I thought I’d share my experience by reviewing them. Here is a photo of the package where I received my first piece from them:


The sweater is from Express and it fit exactly as I expected it to. The measurements they provided on their website were accurate as were the photos they had posted. The colors of the fabric were very close to what I saw on screen so no surprises there. I loved how neutral the colors were and how beautifully they went together. The sweater was a little more ‘shiny’ that I could tell from the online photo, but it had some pewter woven through it and I really dig it.  I’ll admit that I was worried that since this was a knitted sweater, it would arrive with some kind of blemish on the fabric. But I was wrong! It was in excellent shape, with no pulls or strings hanging. In fact it looked brand new! The sweater smelled good, like detergent so that was pretty much the only reminder that it was second hand. Here is a photo of the sweater on their website:


Super cute I tell ya. The sweater sort of drapes softly over me and I wear it with a neutral tank underneath it. Shipping was $5 and because of my credit and a coupon I had, I ended up getting this sweater for around $10 shipped. The original cost of the sweater was over $60 bucks! So for a limited time if you sign up using any of my links in this post, you get $10 and I get $10. Just wanted to be sure and throw out that I did use my affiliate link in this review but have not been paid for reviewing their products or services. I just wanted to share a service that I found unique and fun! I’m not huge on shopping online unless it’s for a product that I have tried on in the store but Twice totally rocked the online experience for me.



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Hey Noob, I heard you want to build a WordPress Website!

Learn WordPress


You are brilliant at _______ .

You are decent at technology and can follow instructions, but you aren’t some kind of computer rocket surgeon. (It’s ok, I can make you one if you like)


I’m brilliant at WordPress.

I have the confidence to teach you my mad skills.

I introduce to you, How to be Brilliant at WordPress !


Just slapped up my first video last week, won’t you subscribe to my YouTube channel? LOTS more to come.