Business is only as easy as you make it. If someone gave me a magic wand I'd shake that shit right in their face and tell them to move out of my way. 

Go to the edge. Give it every ounce of your determination in order to figure it out. Always care. Go places you've never been before. Shout into the great abyss. Sing your own praise. Give the world your best. Channel your deepest desires. Fall back. Jump and soar. 

“I became tired. Tired of working for someone else. Tired of making everyone else money that I deserved to have in my pocket. I didn't want to sell someone else's stuff anymore.  I didn't want to loan my brain to another entity. I wanted to own myself again.”

Hi, I'm Dani and I teach women how to work on their own terms. I show them how to work for themselves and how to erase the employee mentality they were brainwashed to believe in. 

I've been known to steal corporate souls and turn them into business women.  My story goes a little like this...

Spent the first 18 years of my life trying to figure out why I was so different and disconnected from the world. I longed for more depth and identity. I struggled, bad, and like most kids I had no idea how to explain this to those that loved me. 

I grew up in South Florida, in a little town called West Park that is on the border of Dade and Broward Counties. Have you ever watched the TV show COPS? The very first episode ( and several more) featured my neighborhood and I can only explain it with  two words and one phrase.. Gangs, hustlers and my first exposure to a real entrepreneur. 

Lucky for me we moved away to a nice little town just north of there where everyone drove luxury cars and thought I was just some weird little girl from the hood. Everyone did their school work and I sat there daydreaming. 

I dropped out of high school so I could move on with my life. I felt like school was holding me back from big things and wanted to go explore. In reality I was just tired of being alone and having no friends. I was just turning 17 and felt bold and fearless. I was able to find higher paying employment than most people my age. I didn't work in fast food, instead I sent gorgeously curated resumes to any job I felt would be a learning experience. It didn't matter if I didn't qualify, I applied. I was officially a hustler. Thanks Broward!

This is where I learned the art of pitching and believing.  

There is only so much time in the day. You choose what you spend your time on. 


Eight years in the Information Technology field and a college degree in Network Engineering taught me how to make stuff work. 

Three years managing rowdy ass help desk guys taught me how to bring love to any circle. 

Two years in HR, and kicked out because I was too nice lead me to realize I like people, but not when they are treated as resources. 

Five years working in various offices and as an Office Manager taught me how to make an office run smooth as butter. 

Seven years of supporting and managing six and seven figure businesses gave me my heart and soul back. 

What businesses did I pursue?

  • Etsy Jewelry Seller - Handmade Earrings.
  • Low Paid Writer - Writing 1000 word articles for $8.
  • Higher Paid Writer - Writing articles for $250+ a piece.
  • Sub-Contracting Virtual Assistant - Working for a famous at the time VA.
  • Freelance Virtual Assistant - Working for myself.
  • Multi-VA Firm - Running a team like a boss.
  • Online Business Manager - Running other people's businesses like a boss.
  • Work From Home Educator
  • Business Mentor