You’re working so hard to build your business.

But TECH really is a four letter word.

(And you’d rather scrub toilets than fight with another autoresponder set up.)

Now you can.

Go have a blast with your little bowl swisher because your Wicked Charm has got this.

Your Ontraport account isn’t accepting your payment processor? Your membership site looks more like your kid’s playroom than the upscale coffeehouse you imagined? No worries.

There isn’t a glitch or technical curse out there that this charmer can’t undo. Your launch? Will now run smoothly. You’re welcome. (Because NOBODY wants their brand new product outshined by jinxes in the system.)

I’m Dani. I’m your curse-reverser. I’m the Wicked Charm.


With a degree in Network Engineering and 10 years experience in the tech industry, there isn’t anything I can’t fix or remove the spell of so you end up with a site that’s gorgeous (just like you!) AND operational (just like you?? LOL). I help clients make sure that all their moving parts(like MailChimp, Ontraport, InfusionSoft, videos, sign ups, autoresponders, EVERYTHING) flows like wine before and after launch.

I’ve been featured on Passive Panda. And I’ve worked with passion filled entrepreneurs like Domonique Bertolucci and the talented Rebecca T. Dickson plus many other pros.

And when I say I’m a tech charmer I mean it.

But instead of working with the natural realm of this world, my magic is all done with code.

Instead of omens and signs, I work with software and online programs.

Instead of telling fortunes with tarot cards, I do it with resumes and career advice.

Don’t sweat another technical curse. I got you.

Fill out the form below to find out how you can get unhexed so your site brings you Paypal payment emails, not headaches.

“Dani truly is a scrappy gypsy girl! She’s done amazing work for me and I constantly recommend her to my community when they’re looking for wizardry of the technical kind!”

~Tania Dakka, Badass’D Biz+Ink


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