Book Review: Becoming an Online Business Manager by Tina Forsyth

About 2 years into my Virtual Assistant stint I realized that I was destined for more. I remember chatting with a friend (mentor really) who grew  her biz from being a VA, to a Multiple VA firm, to an Online Business Manager, about how she got where she was. She mentioned Tina Forsyth’s book, Becoming an Online Business Manager, and recommended that I have a read.

A few days later I bought the book and when it arrived I flipped through anxiously awaiting the wealth of magic I was about to learn. As I read through the book, I ended up not connecting with it and put it down only to let it collect dust.

Fast forward to the future and I was cleaning out a box of business books when I came across it again. I started reading chapter 1 which was titled “To be or not to be” and it hit me. The first time I read the book not only was I not ready for it, I was clearly looking at my business from the wrong angle.

Since then this book has sat on my desk and become a reference for my daily ops as well as my clients. It also serves as a wonderful tool in my mentoring sessions.

When I read the book for the first time I can recall thinking “is this all?” and “I’m already doing this stuff” so I totally blew it off. The truth of the matter was, I may have thought I had all the answers but did not. It actually took me failing as an OBM in order to see those things. Around that time I was juggling the wrong clients, as well as the wrong type of work for the wrong amount of money. I began to dislike all that was my business.

Around that same time I also struggled with combining my business entities into one. I was highly technical, but didn’t want to create a stuffy old business. I wanted to be sure everything I was offering was cohesive and something my ideal clients would want. It started with branding and everything just fell into place. I often had to remind myself that I am building my own thing, not copying anyone, so it’s OK to do things differently.

Ok back to the book…..

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from Tina Forsyth’s, Becoming an Online Business Manager. 

  1. Becoming an OBM requires you to ask yourself  “How can I help grow this business” rather than “How can I make this business owners life easier”. This is 100% true.
  2. Client’s determine where the bus needs to go, it’s the OBM’s job to make sure we all get there. It’s called driving the bus. I’m a bus driver are you?
  3. All business owners want to make money but most are allergic to managing it. There is an entire insightful chapter on this. All gold.

So if you are looking for a little direction, even if becoming an Online Business Manager isn’t in your realm of thinking, this book will help. I pretty much recommend it to any of my Administrative/Executive Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager or Administrative Consultant type friends and clients.

P.S. I have used my affiliate links in this blog, but know I wouldn’t promote anything I don’t feel 100% confidence in and only promote things I’ve personally used or experienced.

Business: That moment when work is no longer work

Jumping in to take a quick look at my business over the past month and I’m quickly identifying a hole.

You see business was so good I had zero time to write. Zero time to write means no quality content and probably no increase in traffic. (We’ll see!)

I plan to look at the numbers and publish my monthly income report by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I’m going to revel in the fact that I have absolutely the greatest clients on the face of this earth and that my entire course class asked to purchase mentoring sessions from me. I also booked in two additional mentoring sessions and had an absolute blast meeting with the clients. I didn’t work any more hours, I just managed to take on the work I love most. Now it wasn’t all cake, I did have some really heavy projects I worked on ( some still in progress ) and I’m ok with that too.

One thing I think that happens when you run any kind of business is you can easily get caught up in the daily grind. You can start to feel like you aren’t moving enough and it can affect your attitude as well. The truth is if you get a chance to really have a blast and make a difference in people’s lives, it stops feeling like work.

No matter if you run a tire shop, or you are a hairdresser, or if you run an online business, you deserve to spend your days doing whatever the hell it is that pleases you most.